Q.      I need a complete organization, but I can’t seem to get started. I worry about the stress of the project. What do you do to lighten my load?

A.      We usually start with an area that bothers you the most. There are suggestions we can make, but, above all, we make it fun.



Q.     Will you throw everything out?

A.      On the contrary, many times the client will want to throw things out that actually  need to be saved.



Q.      How do you dispose of things I don’t want?

A.      We try anyway we can to avoid throwing items away. If we can’t do a garage sale then we can always donate to charities.



Q.   My father just passed away. Can you help me clean out his house and organize his belongings? It’s just too hard for me to do it on my own.

A.   YES!  In fact, helping families organize a loved ones property is one of our most requested services



Q.   Do you provide containers for things that I will discard or store?

A.   We can. Containers will be charged on a “per needed” basis.



Q.   Will you transport items to charity?

A.   Yes, we can and often do.



Q.   How many visits do you make to get the job done?

A.   We will tailor the project according to your wants and needs and if you have any budget constraints. Often, it takes more than one visit to complete the work. The final discussion regarding length of time is up to you.



Q.   How much will it cost?

A.    At the initial FREE consultation, we will estimate all aspects of the project, including number of personnel needed and time to complete the job. 



Q.   I work all day, but I need to have the heating in my house checked. How can you
help me?

A.   This is often a requested service. One of our reliable staff will come to your home, wait for the service person, stay at your home until they leave, and lock up afterward.


Questions?  Comments? 
Call us.  414-815-6088     847-370-0981
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