Six Animals in 10 days

Yikes! I have 4 dogs and 2 cats in my charge for the next 10 days. It is like Nirvana! Everyone loves and respects the next one. The menagerie includes a chocolate lab, a doberman, a border collie mix and a white, little foofie dog, a domestic grey short hair cat with green eyes and a white domestic long hair with blue eyes. They are hilarious to watch! This is the way that animals are meant to get along!


Downsizing the smaller house

Today I will be starting to downsize a smaller house, which is actually more difficult than downsizing one that is larger.  Basically, because there is no room to put anything, decisions must be made almost immediately regarding the objects at hand.  We can talk it through until YOU are satisfied with your decision.  Remember:  the end decision will always be yours.  I am here to help you to make the proper one.  If you get stuck, you can always

Sunset Services

Today I had to get together a funeral in Oak Creek, flo

Want to get out of the house faster each morning?

Follow these easy steps for a faster morning exit to work or the gym.

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Closet Organizing, posted with vodpod

Office organizing made EASY!!

The end of the paper trail! Follow these easy steps. Remember, before you leave the room, pick up 10 pieces of paper each time. Organization 101.

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Setting a table.

Want to know how to set a fabulous table? Here goes! Easier than you think!

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Just Ask Me for

Welcome to the new Just Ask Me for blog.  Our company offers many and varied services that come under the heading of Personal Assistance.  We cannot easily categorize everything we do.  However, our List of Services shows the kinds of help that people ask for the most.  You can also get testimonials from our Customer Comments page.