The MAN SALE is almost here

Calling all men!  Now is the time to round up all of those items that have been lying around your garage or basement.  Bring them to the MAN SALE (no baby clothes) on the first weekend of June in Waterford!  We are in out 11th year!  Make sure that you don’t miss out on this fabulous event!  Email me for the address and time.  Early registration is required and space is limited.


Two houses of hoarders

For everyone out there who may be buying too much with little room to store more.  DON’T go out and buy a bigger house.  I urge you to call me and let’s get working together to clear your house and your mind!  You will feel so very much better!!  Make the call.   414-815-6088   847-370-0981 

OR send me an email TODAY

 You will be happy that you did!! 

I just finished two houses of “STUFF” piled up to the ceilings in each house. 

I can make it so much easier for you to live. 

It is not your fault You have to start somewhere, and this is a beginning in the right direction!